Simply Simplicity

Inspiration for the Mind, Body and Soul

About me

About Me

Welcome to my blog; I am not ready to disclose my identity yet, but I have created this blog to use as a personal space to express myself introspectively and creatively. I am prone to often over-complicating my life, but in recent months, I’ve come to find the beauty in simplicity. Paradoxically, it is not always that easy but the general message I hope to portray will be along the lines of living simply.


I have a personal interest in Psychology, Sociology, and physical and mental wellbeing; this encompasses nutrition, fitness and approaches to self-care. Coinciding with this, I am trying to broaden my creativity. My blog will encapsulate the above across three broad areas:

  • Mind – Reflections related to Psychology, Sociology and anywhere else my mind decides to take me.
  • Body –I have taken an interest in Eastern practices to wellbeing, such as Yoga and Mindfulness; in recent years these approaches have become more recognised in Western culture. My blog will aim to assimilate the information from both traditions to promote whole body goodness!
  • Soul – For me, the soul is the embodiment of an individual and I plan to blog about art, expression, beauty and perception. There will be no set rules as I want to explore my interpretations without limitations as to what this should look like.


I lead a relatively serious and responsible job, which can be restrictive when it comes to discussing the range of different topics that interest me. I grew up with parents who worked hard and I’d fallen into a trap of doing the same at the expense of my wellbeing. I grew up assimilating two contrasting cultures (Eastern and Western), so I feel I have a unique interpretation when it comes to biopsychosocial approaches to wellbeing. I recently took a career break and through this opportunity, I remembered what I liked and what ignites my passion in life. I find the experience of writing to elucidate my experiences both cathartic and enjoyable; so I thought what better than to share my experiences on here whilst simultaneously helping others.


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